I am Dr. Bhaskar Mukherjee, a Senior Consultant and Academic Tutor at Neuron Complete Brain Clinic and ILS Group of Hospitals in India 

What I Treat


What’s it – Mental disorder leading to delusions, hallucination, speech troubles, loss of interest etc
Process – Scanning history, developmental challenges etc 
Remedy* –  Medication, psychotherapy, emotional support from friends and family

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

What’s it – Diagnosing & treating mental health disorders in children and teenagers 
Process – Understand emotional, developmental & behavioral challenges 
Remedy* – Medication, therapy, other intervention.

Diagnostic Assessments

What’s it – Figuring out Mental Well Being, Health & Developmental Issues & Disorders 
Process – Scanning symptoms & history, medical and psychological tests, interviews  
Remedy* – NA / Case to case basis


What’s it – Negative affect of way a person thinks, acts, behaves – sad/hopelessness, loss of interest  
Process – Root cause origin through history, tests, interviews   
Remedy* – Medication, Therapy, 

Neurogenetics Disorders

What’s it – Abnormalities in genes (may or may not be inherited), seizures, developmental deficits/ delays  
Process – Figuring genetic reasons for such disorders 
Remedy* – Medication and therapy 


Senior Consultant and Academic Tutor at Neuron Complete Brain Clinic and ILS Group of Hospitals
Consultant Psychiatrist at Sanjeevan Hospital, Antara Psychiatric Hospital, ILS Hospitals, Sri Aurobindo Seva Kendra 
RMO Cum Clinical Tutor at West Bengal Medical Education Service, Malda Medical College    
Senior Registrar at AMRI Hospital

Life saving doctor.My family having genetic onset of depression ,rdd and ocds and acute depressive disorder ….doc Mukherjee has been helpful with his medications ..which helps u work effectively in your workfield and helps in focusing in your studies as well..as Doc
mukherjee says its a game of the brain and not mind …
mind doesnt exist …healing eventually under his medications .Thank you doc Bhaskar Mukherjee…​


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